French Macarons & Kit

French Macaron Kit By OxGord

Point blank:  I received this for review and it works with several cons and a few pros.

Recipe & How-To:

(1) Preheat oven to 285°F.

(2) 3 Egg Whites + ¼ Cup White Granulated Sugar + Beat together with a mixer until stiff peaks form.

(3) 1 Cup SIFTED Almond “Meal/Flour” (I used Bob’s Red Mill) + 1 2/3 Cup SIFTED Powdered Sugar + Separate Bowl.

(4) FOLD “meringue” into dry SIFTED ingredients until blended well.

(5) Spoon (I recommend a metal spoon) some mixture into the squeeze bottle.

(6) Pipe @1 diameter onto baking sheet.

(7) Bake @10 minutes until stiff but, NOT browned.

Optional:  Food coloring if you want it pretty in pastels.  Eh, maybe one day for me.

PRO:  The baking mat is AWESOME and works perfectly except the removal part; see notes on how I got it to work.

NOTE:  I placed mine on an oven safe baking rack to be able to easily make, bake, place, and cool off.

NOTE:  In order to take off the puffed pastried I recommend placing the mat upside down after the treats have cooled off to ROLL them off.  The ones I started to just pull off left some insides on the mat.  The came cleanly off when I did the rolling mat upside down part.


The squeeze bottle is a mess after I started to use it because of the air transfer issue and kept getting worse each time I refilled it up.  Getting the last bit out is pointless because there really isn’t any give to this nor ability to squeeze out efficiently.


I do like the different attachments for the squeeze bottle though.


(1) Use a piping bag for the batter instead.

(2) The squeeze bottle would be more useful with pancake batter or muffins maybe but, not for smaller operations such as this.


Even with the messes both items ARE really easy to clean due to them being made from silicone.


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