I am a part of the VitaFusion VIP Sampling Program in which they send me whole bottles of their supplements to try and then write a review on their website with my experiences and thoughts on them.

L’il Critters Multivitamin

My kids have to be on top of their game and ready to go in the morning for a full, long day of daycare, school, homework, exercise, and fun so I make sure they start the day with a complete children’s multivitamin.  They had a lot of fun with the brand new Super Mario “Power Ups”!  These are soft and chewy but, not gummy chewy; my eldest son who wears orthodontics was perfectly fine with these.  These have the right amount of flavor variations (not just lemon!) and shapes.  They love these, have been excited every morning, and they have been non-stop talking about them afterwards.  One bottle holds 190 gummy vitamins and serving size is 2 gummies chocked full of the necessary vitamins and minerals their bodies need.  VitaFusion did these right!

Beauty Sleep Supplement

Supports sleep and helps awake you refreshed with 3 mg Melatonin plus, Vitamin D.  Serving size is two extremely delicious naturally cherry-flavored gummy-style supplements; I love cherries and these are perfectly tart with a bit of sweetness.  They are not hard chews but, soft and do not get stuck in my teeth either. 

     Take them at least 30 minutes before bedtime is what the directions state to do.  These make me feel sleep around 30 to 45 minutes afterwards; not the groggy and delusional type of sleepiness but, a natural “okay, my body is saying it IS tired and is allowing me to fall asleep.”.  I wake up on time and without feeling drowsy.

     I forgot to take them one evening and lay in bed until after midnight trying to figure out why I wasn’t going to sleep; I felt tired but, not sure why I couldn’t get into sleep mode.  Lesson learned.  These make a notable difference for me and my sleep cycle.

Do you take vitamins or other supplements?

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