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3-Tray Jewelry Box By Valdler

This is actually a very cute jewelry box that is perfect as a travel jewelry box for younger girls / tweens / teens that are starting out a jewelry collection.  I got the red faux leather jewelry box discounted.  While it is not large enough to hold a normal assortment of jewelry it is able to hold a varying yet smaller amount of my daughter’s jewelry quite nicely.  Very sound jewelry box, no issues with the material nor inserts.  Dimensions are 4 3/4″ length x 4 3/4″ width x 4 1/2″ height.  Inside the lid is a mirror and the three inserts covered in the normal felt material most have.  This was immediately put into use as soon as it arrived. 

I had won an Amazon Gift Card and decided to put some of the money towards upgrading my jewelry holders / displays (or lack thereof).  This is copper-colored and can hold roughly 70 earrings or 35 stud earrings (size does matter with this rack) plus, bracelets can be hung from the actual rose vines.  Dimensions are 11″ wide x 13 1/2″ height.  Dependent on the style of earrings you have you may or may not be able to put them next to each other on the rack.  Taking the earrings on and off is very easy and the rack doesn’t rock back and forth when doing it.  I do recommend installing a couple washers to ensure it remains steady.

Do you organize your jewelry or is it havoc trying to find a piece?

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