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I have been trying out the Beaux Noggins line of hair products I received discounted for the last month and honestly I am glad it is over.  The bottles are 8 1/2 fl ounces and the material itself is very stiff which made using it difficult in the first place.  The following are the hair products I reviewed and my take on them; both the good and the bad.

Argan Oil Shampoo With this being paraben, sulfate, and sodium chloride free you won’t be getting a lot of lather in your hair compared to many other shampoos.  Color is pale pink and the initial scent has an almost citrus / grapefruit scent but, when it comes into contact with water it turns into an almost chocolate / nutty scent (that is the argan being activated).  Hair is clean and soft.  This would do better with a follow-on Argan Conditioner vice the next product.

Keratin Conditioner I just wanted this conditioner to be done with from the beginning but, I stuck through it until the end.  Very thick and difficult to squeeze out of the stiff bottle however, the conditioner is very creamy and absorbs (unfortunately) into my hair leaving it easy to brush out.  What truly put me off of this though is that is smells exactly like Mr. Bubbles.  Yes, THAT Mr. Bubbles that we all used in bubble baths growing up and now our kids and grandkids are (if you have any).  It would be one thing if the scent was temporary but, it lasts all day.  Walking around at work with the Mr. Bubbles scent enveloping my scents for the last month each time I used it was annoying to say the least. While my hair did get nourished from this conditioner the bottle issue and the scent put me way off of this.

Leave-In Spray Conditioner I would follow up with their leave-in spray conditioner after washing my hair and I also tried it out on my daughter’s hair as a heat protectant.  There was really no scent with this but, that would be because the main ingredient is water and the texture/consistency was really watery.  I used this on both damp and dry hair with the same results:  All it did was frizz up my hair really bad every single time.  As a heat protectant and leave-in conditioner it did absolutely nothing as was described it should do; did not detangle, did not control frizz, did not shine nor deeply nourish our hair.  I ended up using a separate smoothing cream from a different company each time to undo the frizz and help detangle the mess this spray left.

What was your worse experience with hair products?

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