Endoscope Camera

Endoscope Camera By GiraffeCam

I really had high hopes for this endoscope I received discounted but, from camera to USB the unit itself had several design flaws that I have noted.  Setting up was a breeze though; need to have Android 4.4 or higher and download CameraFi from the PlayStore OR you can use Windows 10 on your PC/Laptop. Even my older cellphone, Samsung Galaxy S3, worked like a champ; it literally is a plug and play once you do this.  That is where the fairy tale ends though.  The end tip where the 6 LEDs are gets extremely hot very quickly even without the lights on.  Too many jerky movements also shuts of the camera, “disconnecting USB Cable” to be exact.  The 6 1/2′ cable is extremely rigid and not very user friendly when it comes to moving it around when it is plugged into the cellphone.  The heat shrink tubing encasing the cable isn’t very high-end; I can see and feel the air pockets throughout the cable length.  While this does have many uses, how you set it up is dependent on what you are using it for.  Working on a vehicle?  Yes, a cellphone will be easier to hold vice a laptop when rolling underneath.  I found the cellphone is easier to use for quick looks but, the laptop gave me more maneuverability plus, was more clear.

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