Rose-Gold Garden Mesh Stud Earrings By Miraculous Garden

These are sold by Huixin Jewelry that I received at a discount to review and are quite stunning; the cubic zirconia crystals are actually inside the fishnet mesh.  They are around the size of a quarter approximately 1″ x 1″ with the mesh in a looped knot.  These look like they are light and delicate but, they are actually quite heavy when in comparison.  Wearing them all day notably made my lobes droop significantly.  I highly recommend using safety backs; I have a box full of them that I purchased at Michaels’s in the jewelry making section.

Pearl Button Stud Earrings By J. Rosee

These are sterling 925 silver earrings with “simulated” freshwater 8mm pearls; total size is just shy of 1/2″.  The color is akin to a light blush with pink hues; very soft.  Cubic zirconia stones are inlayed on the bottom of the dew shape; six on one side of each with a lone one on the alternate side.  Gives these an extra shine and luster I have to say.  There is a definite weight distribution versus the backing that came with them issue though and is the only con I found with these earrings I received discounted from J. Rosee.  The backs are way too small to support the weight; wearing plastic reinforced backs help these stay straight out vice drooping down.

Candy Flower Earrings by Be Mall

How fun are these earrings I got to review?!  Size is close to an inch but, these are extremely light earrings to wear.  The bulbous backings are actually made of glass and filled with tiny shining starts with a little red twig of flowers in each.  The flower petals themselves are ceramics and are two-layered to create a beautiful 3D depth to the.  The stamen (center) is gold plated.  Can be worn on either side too; can go with starts and glass or glower and gold-plated as your style and fashion sense prefers.  The only issue is when I am on the phone they do get in the way but, even at work I usually switch to speaker phone. 

They also come in different colors besides green:  Rose, Purple, and Blue.

Rhodium Cat Earrings By DTLA Fine Jewelry

The inlaid gemstones are both clear and black cubic zirconia and the metal is 925 sterling silver.  Great sparkle throughout and solidly designed.  I did try the earrings in different ways; with the tails facing outwards and then with them inwards.  When they are outwards hair will get caught in the tail loops but, when inwards it is drastically reduced.  Best option is tail inwards in my opinion unless your hair is really short; all-in-all your preference though.  Great store and company that I had the pleasure to review this for.

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