I have used several facial products together as a whole skin care regimen by Foxbrim at discounts or free and have deemed most of their products as a good starting point of skin care for those in a younger generation than me.  So much so that I passed along most of them from this categorical point to my neighbor who in turn gave them to her teenage daughter for her to start learning how to take care of her skin and start setting up a skin care routine.

Not blended easily nor absorbed; heavy moisturizer.  Works well with fine lines around the eyes but, nothing deeper nor aging signs.  Works best with dry skin or as a wintertime moisturizer.

Heavy cream that goes on thick and smells exactly like baby wipes.  No noticeable lifting with the exception of my pillow from getting stuck to it.

Almost dry in texture when applying and smells like oatmeal and cinnamon.  Does not leave my skin feeling greasy nor sticky.  Nice day lotion to add with other moisturizers.

Serum is refreshing on my skin but, there is a faint medicinal scent to it with a bit of mint.  No notable differences in creases however; my skin feels healthier and looks more radiant after only the first couple of weeks.  Good starter serum.

Creamy and thick but, not sticky thick.  Hydrates my skin and is more aligned with those of us whose skin has seen better days like mine.  I apply this over a Vitamin C serum.   The green tea definitely helps this moisturizer move up on my list.

This bottle is huge (3.4 fl oz) and the perfect amount of creaminess I was looking for in an actual Vitamin C Lotion vice using a Vitamin C Serum which are always very runny.  A well rounded lotion that blends in superbly and absorbs naturally.  Good base lotion to SPF infused facial lotions.

This is by far my favorite Foxbrim product.  Much less harsh than St. Ives Apricot facial scrub and more hydrating and moisturizing.  Wonderful scent from the green and white tea.  Works great on facial skin, neck, and décolletage area.

Which facial area(s) do you want to focus on?

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