Ceramic Hair Brush

Ceramic Hair Brush By Art Naturals

Completely and utterly let down on so many levels and yes, I did try it out on different types of hair too.  Why are the temperature control buttons EXACTLY where a thumb goes when they grip the handle of the ceramic brush?  Every single time I would pick it up and when I was using it while brushing I kept depressing the button so the temperature kept changing and I would stop to have to adjust it back. The little silicone red knobbed inserts in the brush head itself fall out too.

It sort of straightened out the top layer of my daughter’s hair.  Bristles constantly snagged in her hair due to the curls.  Was never able to capture the roots which isn’t good when it comes to curly hair.  The rest below just over-poofed and never straightened.  Her hair was actually back to normal after an hour; like it had never been straightened.  With my hair it did a really good job of making it weird and poufy looking.

My daughter now never wants to have her hair straightened after going through this horrible experience.  That in itself is fine by me because I have always told her she has beautiful hair and this experience has really helped her embrace her curls.  My silver lining on this horribly designed brush that I received discounted.

Have you ever tried to straighten your hair?  What were the results?

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