April 2016

     I am honored to be an affiliate and review blogger for an amazing line of Korean Skincare called Skin18.  My intention is to help spread the word on how great their products are; I want to share and give my honest feedback of their products with you.

     You can go directly to their site at any time by using the link I have off to the right on my blog!

     Very excited to have just received my first bag of goodies from Skin18 today!

LUKE MugWort Nose Strip

     Simple enough to use; cleanse your face first, wet your nose, and take the nose strip off the plastic before you apply and mold it to your nose. No matter how hard I tried I could not get the bit of nose tab to stick. Recommended timeframe is 10 to 20 minutes until it dries up and hardens. 

     I had no irritations while this was on; no burning nor itching sensations while I waited.  The scent was not overpowering and I am having a difficult time pinpointing the ingredients however, I seem to be smelling licorice with faint undertones of sage.

     I have used peels, masks, and strips before but, those have never come off of me the way this did.  It was like I was slowly removing a strip of duct tape; it started to make my eyes water.  I was shocked at how easily I could see the dirt that had been pulled from my pores on the nose strip even after having just cleaned my face!  Everything came off with these to include old skin. 

     After removal I cleansed again and moisturized with retinol.  No rash nor stinging when applying either.   My skin looks fresh, new, and notably shiny.

    They do have two other types of nose strips:  Mugwort is good for those with normal or combination skin.  Their Charcoal and Lemon Tea Tree blends are for those with more sensitive skin.

     These are amazing strips!

Aloe Soothing Waterful Oasis Mask


The main function of this Oasis Mask is for “whitening” because you want to use it to create radiating and smooth skin.  This is the most hydrating mask I have ever applied; the mask is literally soaked with a mixture rich in Aloe Leaf Extract.  The added ingredient of glycerin helps ensure that the mixture stays on the mask and not dripping down into your décolletage area though. 

     I cleansed my face first prior to application and then removed the mask from the packet.  The scent is faintly floral but, not at a thick nor cloying level.  I unfolded it to the halfway point and started placing on my face starting on my forehead.  As I placed the rest of the mask on I used my pointer and index fingers to gently massage it onto my skin.  I did have to slightly fold the areas around my nose as I have an oval shaped head.

     I removed the mask after leaving it on soaking into my facial skin for 30 minutes; no irritation occurred what so ever neither during nor after the aloe Mask.  The aloe mixture that remained on my face after I removed the mask I gently massaged in circular motions until it was absorbed.  My skin looks and feels notably brighter and hydrated after having used the Aloe Oasis Mask.

Holika-Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip

This is a 3-Step Kit that treats your lips from exfoliation to hydration. 

Step 1 is an exfoliating pad soaked with cellulose that you gently rub on your lips to get rid of dead skin cells and leave your lips colorfully natural.  Softly removed and I also did around my lips.

Step 2 is a hyaluronic acid based gel mask infused with gold; leave it on for 15 and dab the lip area to let your lips absorb the rest in.  It does feel weird at first but, only for 1 minute or so.  Lips felt super hydrated and healed after this step.

Step 3 is a honey lip essence which is applied with your fingers; squeeze out of the pack onto fingers and gently apply.  Immediate glossy look and, yes, it does look like honey but, a little less sticky with a faintly honey taste.  There is a lot in the pack and lasted through a dozen applications.

LUKE Hydrogel Eye Patch

This is a very easy product for a much needed problem:  Eye puffiness!  Cleanse your face and let it dry before you open the pouch.  Inside are two eye patches.  Peel of the patches from the plastic liner and place on your desired areas; the thicker part goes inwards towards the nose.  There is a helpful note on the directions for this that state “It is helpful to apply eye cream or essence before”.  I did one with an eye gel and one without an eye gel.  These patches give an automatic cooling sensation the whole time I left it on (leave it on for 20-30).  The eye area I applied eye gel to was notably much cooler though and softer when I removed the patches 25 minutes later.  No rinsing was necessary after removal and my eyes were noticeably brighter and skin cooler.

Food-aholic Collagen Natural Essence Mask

Collagen is deemed the “Super Food” of skin care because it is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together.  It is found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons where it forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure.  You need to be able to feed your body with the necessary nutrients it needs and what better way to feed your facial skin than with a collagen face mask?

This face mask is slightly similar to the Aloe Oasis Mask but, this one is designed to shape and conform with the angles and grooves on the face; a 3D facial mask in essence.  While the mask is also seemingly soaking wet it is more gel like when in comparison.

I kept mine in my refrigerator until I was ready to use it.  First, of course, one needs to ensure the facial skin is cleansed thoroughly and when applying the mask, also make sure it does not come in contact with the eyes.  Hugged my face quite nicely and enveloped it in a cooling mask which I left on for 25 minutes (actual time frame is 20 to 30 minutes).  I had no irritations during nor after I applied the collagen mask and my skin felt wonderful afterwards.  It has a slightly floral scent to it, not cloying but, subtle enough to notice it the whole time it was on.  I did blend in any leftover liquids / gel / fluids into my face with fingertips until absorbed.

Which of these amazing products would you like to try?

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