Amri Dates

The Majestic Date Company

Growing up overseas dates were a readily available staple and easy to incorporate into our daily lives from snacks to baked goods.  I have found this company to be the best so far when it comes to freshness and taste.  I have had the honor to taste a few of their items at a discount in exchange for my review.  Their 100% All Natural Date Spread can be used as a filling for cookies and cakes, to marinate meats and vegetables, and as a spread on breads and rolls.  They also have a Date Gift Pack of Amri Dates which has around 14 perfectly fresh and delicious un-pitted dates within.  If you don’t want that many then their 6-piece gift box is right up your alley; 6 dates pitted and stuffed with nuts and dried fruits.  As always, dates are naturally gluten and dairy-free plus, abundant in fiber, iron, and protein. 

Are you a date fan too or have you never tried them?

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