Walmart Beauty Box

Walmart Spring Beauty Box April 2016

These Walmart Spring picks provide beauty products that will help define beauty and put it in full bloom.

Colgate:  Optic White Platinum ~ 3 fl oz of Glistening Mint

What is it?  Anticavity fluoride toothpaste designed to visibly whiten your teeth by four shades and starts working in three days.  Enamel safe

Review: On the fence with this one.  Quickly foams when brushing my teeth and the notable baking soda tingling sensation is there.  The material the tube is made out of though is thinner and more pliable than a normal tube of toothpaste so when I am holding it to close the lid it is very sensitive to touch and toothpaste is coming out as I am trying to close it.  As for results though my feel very clean and mouth has an overall fresh feeling.

John Frieda:  Subtle Lightening Shampoo ~ 2 fl oz of Brilliant Brunette

What is it?  Gradually create naturally glowing color.  Ammonia and peroxide free.  Safe for use on natural or colour-treated hair and for use on highlights and lowlights.

Review: The shampoo is golden in color and the viscosity is thinner than normal shampoo.  Even with a little bit of shampoo this makes a quick lather in my hair; luxurious feeling.  The scent is faintly floral and clean but, not cloying.  Have not had any issues with frizzing as would normally happen with me when using a new shampoo.  Left me with healthy, clean, brunette hair.

Curel:  Body Wash ~ 1 fl oz of Itch Defense

What is it?  Dermatologist recommended.  Calming cleanser for dry, itchy skin.  Stops the itch before it begins.

Review: There is literally no scent to this body wash which is a good thing as it is for sensitive skin.  No thick soapy suds with this one due to it being soap-free and cleanses well.  Had no irritations even using this after I shaved.

Jergens:  Natural Glow ~ 2 fl oz for Fair To Medium Skin tones

What is it?  Gradually creates flawless, natural-looking color with a revitalizing formula with vitamins and minerals without the sunless tanner scent.

Review: A bit thicker than a light moisturizer but, absorbs very well and leaves skin feeling smooth.  I find the skin tone part of this odd though; it is totally white.  I honestly thought it would have at least a tint of color to it which would enhance the normal color tones of my skin.  I know it says fair to medium but, no color whatsoever.  Good moisturizer but, lacking on the skin tone blending portion.

CeraVe:  Healing Ointment ~ 1 teaspoon of Skin Protectant

What is it?  Non-greasy ointment that temporarily protects chafed, chapped, or cracked skin.

Review: It truly is non-greasy and I used it solely for all the scuffed knees my kids come home with from school.

Burt’s Bees:  BB Cream ~ Sample pack for Light to Medium Skintones

What is it?  Noni-Extract with a broad spectrum of SPF15 and comes with a $3 off coupon for any Burt’s Bees BB Cream.

Review: Easy application that was also non-greasy.  Blended in well with no irritations.  Not as moisturizing as I had hoped and it felt like it immediately absorbed in and left my skin semi-dry.

Conclusion:  4 out of 5 Stars

Have you tried any of these?  What did you like or not like about it?

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