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Kingdom Burgundy Rug By Cosy House Collection

I have owned real silk Persian rugs before and the Kingdom Burgundy I received at a discount for review would give the Persian rug market a run for their money; from their weave, look, colors, pattern, and even the label on back reminisces me of Persian rugs greatly.  The rug came rolled up and due to its stiffness the ends do continue to be rolled up so, all one needs to do is roll the ends the other way and lay it flat for a few days away from traffic to ensure no trip hazards occur while it settles into place.  This rug is absolutely gorgeous and just like Persian rugs is a magnet of animal fur though; nature of the beast as the saying goes.  But, the upside is that this is easy to clean with my Dyson.  These are very thick and cushioned which I admit surprised me; this is the only differences in comparison I have besides this being made of polypropylene fiber of course.

Goes great with my home décor which leans heavily on burgundies, maroons, and dark woods; really loving this rug except for its fur magnetism.

Puzzle Coasters By A Kitchen Wish

Even with these being made from faux (PU) leather these are really quality made coasters I reviewed for a discounted price.  Good construction:  No bends, no loose nor frayed threading, no discoloration, and not easily bent either.  Comes with a PU leather holder for the coasters with the bottom being made of velvet.  Easily spot cleaned and can also be puzzle-pieced together to make larger coasters or a trivet for bigger items. 

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