Lifetime Jewelry Co.

They have been in business since 1978 and offer a 100% unconditional lifetime warranty and replacement on all of their jewelry.  They use 24k gold instead of 10k or 14k; no cheap metals like steel, copper, or nickel as a base.  They use a semi-precious alloy as a bonding metal to ensure the look of solid gold and long life of each jewelry item.  I have received several pieces of jewelry from this company for free.

3-Hoop Drop Earrings By Lifetime Jewelry

Even though these are deemed “Fashion Jewelry” because of the high polished look they have; I deem them a nice mix from being able to upgrade a casual look to business to formal.  The earrings are coated with 24-Karat gold from tip to loop and backed by a 100% unconditional lifetime warranty and replacement.  Even with them at 2″ long and plated they are not very heavy.  They hardly make my ears droop even and can only feel a light weight with them on.  They emit a light tinkling sound when I move my head too.  

Virgen De Guadalupe Chain Necklace By Lifetime Jewelry

This is more of a necklace for males due to the weight and design in my opinion.  Total weight is 31 grams / 1.15 ounces due to it being plated with 24 karat gold and the pendant itself is 1 1/2″ in length x 1″ across. The pendant has numerous facets etched along the outer edge, the “aura” area around Guadalupe herself, and along the edges of her cloak which catch the light at different angles.  The chain links are thick in comparison to most women’s necklaces and are closely linked together.

Rosary Beads With Jesus Crucifix By Lifetime Jewelry

The attention to detail in this rosary necklace is inspiring just by itself.  Finite as it may be; the beauty is easily seen.  St. Mary is detailed in color with an over layer of clear glass crystal.  The rosary beads, lobster clasp, and crucifixion cross with Jesus are plated in 24 karat gold; no cheap metal alloys which I have allergic reactions to.  The actual prayer beads are also coated with a protectorate to help it against getting tarnished too.  Quite a lovely necklace that is complementary year round when dealing with one’s faith.

Do you look for jewelry with a lifetime guarantee?

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