Deluxe Stencil Set

Deluxe Stencil Set by Nick & Nina

Having three kids who love everything there is about arts and crafts plus, that enjoy all themes in life.  There is a lot that goes with this and a solidly built wooden box that holds it all:  18 sturdy plastic templates at 11″ x 7″ and 20 pieces of drawing paper.  The box can be used as a portable table to draw on and also has a rope handle to easily carry it everywhere you wish to go.  There is still a bit of room in the box for some colored pencils, a sharpener, and some extra paper.

Themes included:  alphabet letters, space, undersea, fashion, seafaring craft, circus, holidays, aircraft, butterflies, land vehicles, racing, princess, farm, flowers, jungle, shapes, zoo, winter.  Very easy to use from small to elder children and adults too.  No more “I’m bored” statements on road trips or at home anymore.  Very happy to have received at a discount.

Do your kids love to draw?

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