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PR Grooming Glove Brush By Pet Supplies

The grooming brush I received for free to review fits well on my hand and the material besides the brush is mesh which makes it breathable and very flexible to be able to curve to your pet’s contours and also be able to easily grasp and collect fur.  Worked very well on my dog:  Loosened, collected, held and cleaned up fur from furniture too.  Definitely did NOT work on my cat:  Loosened everything and was not able to collect it though; just loose hair flying around in chunks.  Never using it on my cat ever again except to clear off some cat fur from furniture; about all it is good for with cat hair.  Machine wash with their bedding and toys; comes out squeaky clean and then hang to dry.

 Denim Dog Harness By Foxy Loves

I have a running and a walking leash but, wanted a dog harness specifically for when I take my dog to the park due to her anxious nature.  The company I received this to review from also sent an e-mail on how to properly prepare the denim harness especially for those with lighter colored dogs; mine is white so, definitely was a good thing to follow.  Wash it first with darks; I place mine in a small laundry bag.  This helped loosen up the material which was very stiff and to also release all the color bleed out.  Very easy to adjust because the two adjusters are on the same side and are easily accessible.  She weighs in at 16 lbs but, has stumpy legs so, I chose the small/medium sized harness.  The harness still has around 2 1/2″ left until it can’t be loosened any more.

This shampoo is my go-to all-in-one for my dog who gets very dry skin on her belly area instead of having to do a separate conditioner and making her wait even longer to get done with her bath.  This shampoo blend is soap-free, paraben free, and hypo-allergenic.  Almond oil is the only prominent scent I get from this.  Her fur is clean and silky but, the biggest positive is her skin is not flaking and red because this soothes her itchy skin.  The only con I have is the actual label which gets sticky wen any type of moisture comes in contact with it.  Trying to pry the bottle out of my hand while shampooing my dog is not ideal nor is the fact that fur sticks to the label also.  Great shampoo, sub-par container that I reviewed for a discount.

 LED Dog Collar By The Pet Hut

Even with a size large I was able to adjust it enough to fit around my 16 lb terrier-mixed dog.  The plug-in unit on the color is easy to slip in and out of its pocket area to be able to plug in and charge.  Does not take long to charge and the charge lasts around two weeks with using it every evening.  The LED flashes inconsistently if you do not plug it in correctly.  Able to change the light pattern when it gets turned on from quick flash to steady flash to just steadily lit; all variances are evenly bright and can be seen in the dark with no problems.  I only put this collar that I rceived at a discount on before we take her for walks.

Beard Brush By LA Beauty Labs

Okay, trying to figure out why I have a beard brush on my pets page?  I don’t review items be it discount or free I do not need.  Place some tea tree essential oil on the brush and groom it into their fur to help with flea prevention.  Best time to do it is after their bath or can also get the brush a little wet to help with dispersal.  Bristles are firm but, soft enough to do the belly area too. 

 700 Waste Bags By Oxgord

I have been using Oxgord waste bags for a few years now and have found them to be very sturdy even though the material of the bags are quite thin.  You can choose another color besides the basic black if you are into color coordination:  Blue, Green, Pink, or Solid Black.  The 700 bags, 35 pre-rolled, bags are connected by a seam that is easy to rip off of without ripping the bag itself.  Each bag is 12 1/2″ long x 8 1/4″ wide; large enough to cover my entire hand and wrist to pick up a lot of poop, invert, and tie it up.  My kids do poop duty with these for both the dog waste and the cat’s kitty litter box.  I received the waste bags plus the bone shaped dispenser at a discount and most of the times Oxgord gives a bone shaped bag dispenser with each order.

 Hands Free Dog Leash By Smiling Pup

Very sturdy material and you could use this as a resistance band with how much is needed to stretch the leash. It did take me a while to fully adjust the belt to my waist size but, that also makes note of how well it is made for different sized waists. The waist belt is comfortable while in use and clips easily to her collar with no foreseen issue of clip slippage and off we went. This leash kept her immediately by my side without her wanting to wander off to sniff (everything).  No snags, slips, nor twists in the leash I received to review. 


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