Melon Seed Necklace By J. Rosee

Made from Sterling Silver 925 the necklace is very light and slender with each “seed” delicately linked to the next.  The clasp is much smaller than most plus it measures out to 15 1/2″ (16″ with the clasps) and not the described 18″.  Has the ability to go with many outfits especially seen as it sits so high on my neckline; sweaters and dresses this adds style and grace.  The most delicate necklace I have ever worn or received to review hands down.

Desert Sunset Endless Pearl Necklace by AMAR Sukh Mani

While diamonds and precious metals are nice; I do love pearls.  There is a lot to this 60″ in total length necklace that I was given a discount to review.  Roughly 115 pearls that are very obviously all freshwater pearls due to the variances and natural shapes of each.  Warm colors:  Aqua blue, lime green, light green (like jade), lilac, orange, and white.  Sizes vary from 4 to 12 mm.  Able to also wear it as a bracelet, double-looped necklace, single-loop necklace. 

Tree Of Life Necklace by Zhao Shopping

Not meant for elegant wear and notably not made from sterling silver; can see oxidation already occurring on the backside.  I find this a very heart warming and charming pendant necklace though.  Very long and sturdy chain; 12″ from clasp to pendant in drop-down length.  The Tree of Life is beautiful and the colors are spot-on. Normally priced at $2 and sometimes less than that even.  Ships from China so, does take a while to get here. 

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