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Severus Snape Wand by Vanko’s

My eldest son is a fan of the Harry Potter Franchise so, this is a win-win for any fan; I chose this wand out of all of them because I have always been a fan of the late Alan Rickman.  The wand is a full-sized replica made entirely of resin.  Approximately 14″ in length and 69 grams in weight; quite hefty.  Came in a wonderful Deathly Hollows Box and on a polyester cloth covered cushion.  The only con I have with this are the designs on the handle; supposed to be snakes and look more like squiggly lines in my opinion.  Still, a very well-made replica wand all-in-all that was deeply discounted.

Stegosaurus Dinosaur By Discover with Dr. Cool

My youngest son has been infatuated with dinosaurs for a couple years and my favorite dinosaur has always been the Stegosaurus.  This dinosaur kit by National Geographic comes with a hand-painted Stegosaurus, a learning guide to Stegosaurus’, and an approximately 50 million year old piece of coprolite (yes, dinosaur poop).  There were a few flaws on the plates of the Stegosaurus but, not enough for me to return even if I had not received it discounted.  One main issue I do have is that it can never really stay put; it keeps falling over.  This is due to only 3 “feet” being able to touch on the surface plus, the ones that are down are slightly angled.  Yes, I realize this is to make it look more realistic and like it is walking but, I would rather have it stay put vice falling down.  Our coprolite is roughly 1/2″ in length and 1/4″ in diameter and have kept it in its display case much to my son’s disappointment.  Very informative and cool dinosaur kit even with the aforementioned flaws.  They also have kits for the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops.

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