Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee By Farmer’s Blend

Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee:  How best to brew?  French Press!  You want to extract the most flavor out of the beans and I have found this the best way to do it.

The whole beans are rich in color with an earthy bitterness scent and slightly buttery undertones that can even be smelled outside the packaging.

Easy to grind ~ I used my Ninja Cup Blender to get the perfect coarse grind out of the beans for my French press.  Same concept as Vietnamese Coffee Phin but, easier to come by ~ the coffee press.

Good body, full aroma, long lasting flavor.  I used Italian Sweet Cream Creamer by Coffee Mate vice condensed milk or straight sugar.  To each their own.  Was able to pull a lot from the each batch and used the press twice with unwavering taste from beginning to end with the slight buttery almost oily undertones that I can smell from the whole beans themselves.

I also made some very smooth shots of espresso with these beans and can definitely note the higher caffeine content.  I accomplished a lot last night!

I received the 8.8 oz Whole Bean Vietnamese Coffee from Farmers Blend Coffee at a discount.  Espresso, French pressed, Regular brew, Phin ~ many different ways to enjoy this blend.

Do you have a Vietnamese Coffee Phin?

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