Electronic Massager

 Electronic Pulse Massager By PharmMeDoc

I have pretty much permanent knots in my shoulders and lower back.  I don’t do masseuses and I am just not a fan of people touching me.


The wires for the Electronic Pulse Massager are very long.

Easy to set-up and the remote is self-explanatory; it says what each button is for and in the direction booklets it shows you where to put the leads for each focus area.

Battery compartment in easily accessible plus, easy to open and close.

 I decided to go full blown with all four pads on my shoulder area.  I know it says two but, really tense and wanted to see how it would work.  Out of the three modes, knead is my absolute favorite!  The pads for the leads make me reminisce of hospital stays (ECGs, EKGs, etc) ~ sticky, sticky, sticky, sticky.

Will definitely need to get replacement pads especially if I end up using the pulse massager as per the directions state:  2 times per day per area.  That’s a lot of use.  But, it does take consistency in the same areas to be able to penetrate deep enough to work out tension (just a FYI).

I noted that each focus area and intensity used was different when it came to my left and right side:  shoulder areas = my left side needed a 4 before I even felt anything.

First time I used this my focus areas were notably painful the very next day and hoping with continued use (I have been very inconsistent due to my schedule) it will alleviate my neck and back problems even just a little bit.

I received the PharMeDoc TENS Unite Electronic Pulse Massager at a discount.  Hoping to be able to get some relief with continued use.

What do you do to relieve tense muscles?

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