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Gallon Glass Jar By Kelley General

While I have plenty of quart, pint, and other sized mason jars for my various homemade items from beauty products to jams I honestly never thought I would find a need for a gallon jar outside of making sun tea.  However; a gallon jar has the ability to store many items in my pantry from rice to sugar to dog treats and dried fruits and herb blends from my garden.  Even make a giant pickling jar out of it for cucumbers or even watermelon rinds.  Honestly the possibilities are endless when I started to think of all the things I could add to mine.  Can be jazzed up if you are into chalk markers; decorate it as needed, add items and voila!  Instantly adds to my kitchen.  Can add seasonal window clings too; definitely large enough!  I decided to get my ground coffee out of the plastic bin I had it in from my cupboard and empty it all into the glass jar.  Now my coffee sits next to my coffee pot and I have room  in it for my coffee scoop.  Very appreciative for the ability to have received this for my review.

Manual Coffee Grinder By Yamo


While I do use pre-ground coffee a lot I know I need to prepare for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse and the impending rolling black outs during the summer months around these parts.  The container, shaft, and handle are all heavy duty steel with the grinder being made of ceramic.  It makes a rough grind of the coffee, not fine in the least and you need a rough bristled brush to try and clear out the coffee chunks in the grinder.  Roughly two tablespoons of beans fits into the actual chamber partitions towards the bottom part.  The grinding takes some muscle and time.  The hand crank is not bolted on top as to give you access to the inside chamber where you put the beans.  Lesson learned on remembering to keep a hand firmly on top when trying to shift the beans inside; the handle flies off the top and it happened to be at the same time my youngest was walking by.  Oops.

Butane Torch By Vie De Chef

Easy to use hand-held butane torch that is a must for any chef to bring many creative twists to your dishes in the kitchen.  When you fill it up with butane you need to ensure the unit is upside down; takes 10 seconds to fill up for around 1 hour of use.  Turns on and off similar to a gas grill to include when to turn the gas flow regulator.  Many culinary uses from meringues and brulees to searing tomato and pepper skins to crisping oatmeal and bread crumb toppings.  I will definitely be honing my torching skills with this.

Pasta Maker / Press by Oxgord

I had been making pasta by hand for years but, due to time and something called work and three kids let’s just say, I have been buying pounds of pasta from stores instead.  Needless to say I was really excited about getting back into the habit of making my own pasta with less rolling on my part; great arm workout though.  Boy, was I let majorly down though with this pasta maker / press that I got to review.

While it is a heavy kitchen gadget the frame walls are very thin and the bolts within just don’t seem tight to me; a lot of squeaking and clanking.  The C-clamp is only good if you have a smaller counter top than I have; does not fit anywhere close to mine.  So, I tried using my own c-clamps.  Nope, nope, nope.  The hand crank will not allow any other type of clamp on it; will not be able to spin the handle at all.  The adjustment dial is a joke; no way to tell what level it is at without lifting it clear off the unit.  It is a spring loaded dial but, I have no clue what actual size it is at.  I have just been eyeballing the gap in between the metal rolling area and guessing.

Making pasta does take time and effort to get it right but, it would go more smoothly with a  pasta press machine that works and this is not the one for me if it takes more effort and work plus, extra hands just to get it done.  This is too light and just doesn’t fit with my needs.

I ended up just cutting the dough up into strips and then my kids made some weird shaped pasta to cook up.

The Asian Slice 8″ Chef Knife

This blade is absolutely stunning; black ceramic made with 94.7% Zirconia which is the second hardest material following diamonds.  The versatility of this blade plus its ability to cut through a variety of items is next to none; just no bones due to it being ceramic.  Ergonomically comfortable handle that is 6″ long making the whole knife roughly 14″ from tip to base.  Able to slice thin to thick from brisket to watermelon with ease.  Very professional and elegant Chef’s knife.

Watermelon Slicer / Corer By Nature Chef

Honestly, where has this Watermelon Slicer been all my life?  While these are a bit of a pain trying to get the first slice out of the melon(s) I found that slicing twice or just going back under with the slicer to lift from the bottom is easier.  A silicone grip would have made these awesome in my opinion but, the end result is it takes me half the time to slice a watermelon with it being 90% less messy.

Grill Mats

Stately Kitchen 4-Set                                                                       

(1) Much larger at 16″x14″

(2) I use these in my oven and cut them to size for my baking pans

Kitchen Joy 3-Set

(1) 15″ x 11″

(2) These are my go-to for BBQing

OxGord 2-Pack

(1) 15 3/4″ x 13″

(2) Sized perfectly for my cookie pans

Grill mats are another one of those items that make kitchen life a little bit simpler for me; I haven’t had to scrub my grill all year so far.  Various uses from baking a loaf of bread in the oven to making cookies because these are truly non-stick surfaces.  Can also line pans with them, drip sheets when making pies, and so much more.  Average maximum temperature is 500°F.  Can be cut to fit your grill surfaces and pans plus, easy to wash off.

Novart Herb Keeper

Having the ability to grow herbs year round in an even keel climate means I have a lot of herbs. I usually end up cutting of a whole bunch and just drying them in huge batches. I love how the Novart Herb Keeper comes in so handy for not just herbs; can we say asparagus?! The container holds a lot but, it is huge!  I have had the same parsley in the container for six days to see how it could hold up from beginning to end. Still able to chop it fresh. Very happy with the look and structure of it.

Kitchen Gadget Herb Scissors & Shears Kit


My parsley really grew this year and I can honestly say chopping it has been a chore for me. These Kitchen Gadget Herb Scissors have been amazing! As a bonus to my excitement is that it is actually a kit: the scissors, tiny pruning shears with sheath, and the durable comb to clean in between the scissor’s blades. I have been having fun using them every single day since I got them and have found several pros with only a couple cons; they do get gunky quickly and bend if the herbs are too thick.  I am going to continue using these to chop fresh herbs as I need them but, also when I harvest large amounts for drying purposes ~ very excited!

What’s your one kitchen gadget you can’t go without?

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