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ACF Grip Strengthener

Having inoperable cysts in both my wrists and a whole lot of stress in my life when given the opportunity to receive the ACF Grip Strengthener at a discount I was hopeful this would help. The huge PRO I have found with using this is the ability to adjust the resistance on it which, is extremely easy to do (first picture). The range is excellent for me with where my wrist strength is:
10 kg / 22 lbs to 40 kg / 88 lbs ~ extremely wide range.

Ozeri BP2M

The Ozeri BP2M does a lot with not a lot of buttonology (per se). The cuff is extremely easy to set up and the instructions to do so are even easier to follow. The battery compartment was a huge pain for me. I ended up using a butter knife to jack it open enough to slide out. Not fun. Set up and start up was a breeze though after battery installation. Nice to have the ability to have three main users ~ only me as main but, nice feature for others. Tested out on myself and others; it is seriously only two buttons you push from beginning to end. I received the Ozeri BP2M at a discount. Remember that this is not to be thought of as a replacement to actual doctor visits.

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