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     Love to read?  This site has non-stop giveaways on their site; average 80 per day are expiring.  I pick and choose which ones I want to enter and average 5 giveaway wins per week.  No obligations and free books; what is not to love?

New Beauty 365

     Enter daily Monday through Friday for a chance to win beauty products.  There is a different giveaway every day!  Has been on going since 10 December, 2014.  Sign up for their Daily Giveaways and you will get an e-mail reminder everyday to enter.


     Weekly essential oil product giveaway in which you have to be registered in each weekly contest; e-mail is sent out on Fridays to register for the next weekly giveaway.  You may win multiple times throughout the contest – there is no limit to the number of times you can win.

Power Ball Power Code

     You need to enter the current Powerball Number and can play the Instant Win Game one time every hour; that is 5 spins per chance.  

Dave Lackie

     Dave Lackie is a Beauty Editor and Cityline Expert.  He does weekly beauty product giveaways worldwide via different social media platforms.  I will update as I can weekly with links directly to his giveaways.

     (1)   Clarins Eyeshadow Palette Ends 1/5         


Updated January 4, 2017 

Wikki Stix Enter to win $100 worth of Wikki Stix.  My kids think they are fun.  Ends January 7 2017.

Disney Gift Card Giveaway.  Grand prize is a $1000 Disney Gift Card and three other winners will receive a $100 Disney Gift Card.  Enter once.  Ends January 8, 2017.

Fawn Design is doing a $500 shopping spree giveaway to their store; AKA the makers of the cutest diaper bags ever.  Ends January 8, 2017.

Chooka Chance to win the following prizes:  (1) Chooka Boots (winner’s choice) (2) Beautiful Nightmare Ring (3) Like A Boss Necklace (4) Turning Heads Necklace (5) Black Pearls of Wisdom Necklace (6) Clean Energy Bracelet.  Easy entry on Facebook.  Ends January 12, 2017 11:59 PST.

PawZaar Enter to win a Global Dog Bag filled with $50 in surprise pet-themed jewelry.  Ends January 15, 2017 11:45 UTC.

Ink4Less Chance to win either a $50, $30 or $20 Tango Gift Card.  Held monthly.  One entry per day, per e-mail address.  Ends January 31, 2017

 Pork Rind Appreciation Day  Southern Recipe Pork Rinds Memory Game.  Play every day for a chance to win $2,500 plus, a year’s supply of their pork rinds.  Bonus?  Each time you win a donation is automatically made to Coach Mike Ditka’s personal charity, Gridiron Greats, to help football heroes in dire need.  Ends February 5, 2017.


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