Blogging My Goals

  Going into the New Year 2016 I decided I truly wanted to branch out and accomplish something outside of work and my never ending to-do list.

 I have been doing various point, survey, sampling, product testing, shopping, panel, and review sites since 2002 and have loved sharing my experiences with others outside of social networks. I also love dabbling in DIY beauty and cleaning products.

 I decided to center all of my knowledge and lessons learned from my experiences in the hopes you will join me on my blog!

 I will never try and sell you anything nor manipulate any information I blog. Everything I post, say, and/or blog, to include my reviews, will always be honest and unbiased. All of my reviews will either be from having received the product for free, discounted, or items I have bought myself; I will state how I came by the product in all of my reviews to be FTC compliant.

 All of the DIY posts are from many trial and errors so, you know it is good now!

 Go through my pages and if you have any comments and/or suggestions please do not hesitate to give it.


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